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Five of The Best CBD Products for Pets at Our Store

July 06, 2020

Best CBD Products for Pets

We love our pets as though they are our flesh and blood. Therefore, it makes sense that we want only the very best for them. If you want to give your pet CBD, be sure to only go for the very best. There are a lot of CBD products for pets on the market today, including tinctures and treats. However, not all these products are safe for your pet. Some brands cut corners in the manufacturing of their products in a bid to save money. The result is questionable products. And you cannot take risks with giving sub-par hemp products to pets. For one, some pets do not have a strong metabolism and could fall ill easily. Secondly, THC is lethal for animals. And some mass-produced CBD products are known to contain synthetic CBD, which is even more dangerous for pets. Ultimately, you must only give your pet the best of the best when it comes to CBD.

At Ultimate CBD, we have some of the top CBD products on the market. Our pet products include soft chews, tinctures, sprays, and treats. In this post, we'll highlight a few five-star pet products that you will find at our store.


  1. Savage CBD Pet Spray

Savage CBD is a brand that you can trust. The company seeks to offer premium CBD products at the most affordable prices so that everyone can enjoy CBD. The company has several CBD products, including edibles, vape juice, topicals, tinctures, and products for pets.

Savage CBD Pet Spray comes in a 60ml bottle with 500mg of full-spectrum CBD. Apart from CBD, this product contains MCT coconut oil and hemp seed oil. Nothing more. A lot of people prefer CBD sprays to tinctures because it is easier to administer, especially if you have restless pets. You can simply spray it into your pet's mouth or spray it into its food/drink. Savage CBD Pet Spray is made with GMO-free, vegan-grade ingredients. It is free from pesticides and other contaminants. Like other Savage CBD products,  this Pet Spray has been tested by a third-party laboratory, and you will find the lab test result online. You can get Savage CBD Pet Spray at our store for only $44.99. We also have pet sprays from other brands like Koi CBD and AndHemp.


  1. CBDfx Pet Tincture

CBDfx has three different pet CBD tincture oils, and they are made for small breed pets (20 lbs or less), medium-sized pet breeds (20 lbs to 60 lbs), and large pet breeds (60 lbs or more). These CBD tinctures are suitable for both dogs and cats. You can mix it in your pet's food/drink or put it under its tongue.

CBDfx's Pet Tincture contains just two ingredients; full spectrum hemp extract and MCT coconut oil. Like other CBDfx products, these pet tincture oils are made with top-shelf, GMO-free, vegan-grade ingredients. CBDfx processes its hemp using CO2 extraction, and this results in a purer hemp extract.

CBDfx Pet Tinctures come in 30ml bottles. You can get the tincture for small pet breeds, medium-sized pet breeds, and large pet breeds at our store for $39.99, $59.99, and $89.99, respectively, at our store. We have tinctures from other brands like CBD Lion and Erth Hemp.


  1. Koi CBD Pet Soft Chews

It can be difficult to administer CBD pet sprays and tincture to some pets because they simply won't allow you to put it in their mouth. They may not also drink their water or eat their food if you put the CBD spray or tincture in it. The next three products below come with flavors that make them more likable to pets.

Each piece of Koi CBD Pet Soft Chews contains 2mg of CBD. A pack of Koi CBD Pet Soft Chews contains 25 treats, which gives you a total of 50mg of CBD. You can get the pack at our store for only $29.99. That's a good value for your money. This product is made with broad-spectrum CBD, so it is THC-free and completely safe for your pets. Apart from CBD, this product contains a range of natural ingredients that makes them palatable for your pet's taste buds. These ingredients include beef liver powder, natural bacon flavor, organic sweet potato powder, and more. Your pet is going to love Koi CBD Pet Soft Chews. Although this product is marketed as being for pets in general, it is best for dogs.


  1. Erth Hemp Bacon Pet Drops

Pets love bacon, and so it makes sense that Erth Hemp came up with CBD pet drops with bacon flavor. This is one of those products that will have your pet excited every time. Erth Hemp Bacon Pet Drops comes in a 30ml bottle, which gives you at least 600 drops of CBD oil. Each drop of this tincture contains about 0.41mg of CBD. Erth Hemp has dosage guidelines that show you exactly how many drops of this tincture to give your pet depending on its size.

Erth Hemp Bacon Pet Drops is made with all-natural ingredients, namely full-spectrum hemp oil, MCT coconut oil, and natural flavoring. This product is 100 percent safe. It has been tested by a third-party laboratory, and you will find the test result online.


  1. AndHemp Pet Peanut Butter Treats

Peanut butter is another favorite among pets. Both my dogs and cats love it. The trick with successfully giving your pet CBD is to put it in something that they love. If you are using unflavored tincture oils, you can mix it in your pet's favorite drink or meal. However, with AndHemp's Pet Peanut Butter Treats, you do not have to concern yourself with mixing. This product is ready to be served to your pet.

AndHemp Pet Peanut Butter Treats come in a pack with 20 treats, and each contains 5mg of CBD. You can get this product at our store for only $24.99.

 We have many other amazing CBD pet products at our store for affordable prices. Check them out now and don't miss out on our exciting deals!

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