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Five Must-Try CBD Products Under $8 at the Ultimate CBD Online Store

July 06, 2020

CBD Products Under $8

One of the most common drawbacks for people who are considering leading healthier lives is cost. We all know that organic farm production costs slightly more than the usual stuff. Even supplements like CBD products can be pricey. However, you don't have to spend a fortune to get CBD products when you buy from the Ultimate CBD online store. We have a whole category for products worth under $50 at our store. In this article, we'll look at five products at our store that cost less than $8.


  1. CBDfx Mixed Berry Gummy Bears

CBDfx is one of the top brands in the CBD industry. The company has a vast array of products in its collection. However, one of the oldest and most popular products from this company is its gummy bears. The company has three different gummy bear flavors Mixed Berry Gummy Bears, Turmeric & Spirulina Gummy Bears, and Melatonin Gummy Bears. All these gummies are available at the Ultimate CBD store. You can get a 40mg pouch of CBDfx Melatonin Gummy Bears with eight gummy bears at our store for only $5.99.

As you can tell from its name, CBDfx Mixed Berry Gummy Bears contains mixed berries flavor. It is made with full-spectrum CBD. Each gummy contains 5mg of CBD. All CBDfx gummies are made with all-natural ingredients, but they have the same taste and consistency as gummy bears. Apart from mixed berries and CBD, some other ingredients in this product are organic tapioca syrup, organic cane sugar, organic fruit, and vegetable juice as well as natural flavors. These gummy bears are quite yummy. They taste just like the real thing.


  1. CBDfx Charcoal Hemp Face Mask

There are many types of face masks out there but have you tried hemp face mask. One of the best hemp-infused face masks that you can buy today is CBDfx's Charcoal Hemp Face Mask. This California-based brand is well-known in the CBD industry for making exceptional products. Apart from its Charcoal ace Mask, CBDfx has other equally good food face masks, including an Aloe Vera Face Mask, Lavender Face Mask, Cucumber Face Mask, and Rose Face Mask. You can get these face masks at our store for only $6.99 each.

CBDfx Charcoal Hemp Face Mask is one of our top favorites because this product does not only contain 50mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract, and other essential oils as well as plant extracts, it also comes with charcoal. Now, if you don't know about the benefits of charcoal for the skin, let me give you a brief insight into it. Charcoal helps to purify the skin. It unclogs your pores and eliminates impurities from the skin as well as helps to get rid of dead skin cells.


  1. Koi CBD Watermelon Hemp Shot

Watermelon is a classic for the summertime. What if we told you that you could get a CBD-infused watermelon drink for only $7.99. Yes, Koi CBD Watermelon Hemp Shot is made with 25mg of organic, full-spectrum CBD, natural and artificial flavors, and a host of other natural and artificial ingredients. Koi CBD Watermelon Hemp Shot is really enjoyable. It tastes like a watermelon punch drink. The only difference is that it comes with hemp extract.

Apart from Watermelon Hemp Shot, Koi CBD has hemp drinks with other flavors like Koi CBD Raspberry Punch Hemp Shot and Koi CBD Peach Iced Tea-Sleep Aid Shot. You can get all these products at our store.


  1. Nirvana CBD Peppermint Dram Tincture

If you are looking for an affordable but high-quality CBD tincture, check out Nirvana CBD Peppermint Dram Tincture. This product has a rich, well-balanced taste. The peppermint flavor stands out nicely. The refreshing taste of this tincture makes it something that you'll look forward to every day. You can put this tincture under your tongue or mix it with a drink. Nirvana dram tinctures are packaged for a single serving, so you use it conveniently, even if you are on-the-go. You can get them in bigger bottles if you prefer.

Nirvana CBD Peppermint Dram Tincture contains 33mg of broad-spectrum hemp oil as well as MCT oil, and natural flavoring. That's all. It does not contain any artificial, questionable ingredients. Nirvana tinctures come with other flavors like vanilla, grapefruit, and strawberry. You can get all these Nirvana CBD tinctures at our online store for only $4.99.


  1. Nirvana CBD Gummies

If you thought Nirvana CBD Peppermint Dram Tincture was a good deal, wait until you find out about the company's single pack CBD Gummies. This pack contains just a single gummy bear with 25mg of CBD. This product comes in different flavors like pineapple, green apple, mixed berries, watermelon, and grape. This product is made with all-natural ingredients, namely pectin, corn syrup, sugar water, natural flavoring, and natural coloring. Every single pack of Nirvana CBD Gummies costs $2.99 at our store. These gummies taste delicious, and they have the right consistency.

All the products listed above, and every single product at our store has been tested by a third-party laboratory. You will find the lab test results online. We only sell hemp-based CBD products. Therefore, you will not get intoxicated or "high" from using our products. It is important to follow the suggested usage guideline when using any CBD product. If you have any questions about the products at our store, feel free to get in touch with us at 1-800-476-5065 or via our Contact Us page.

At Ultimate CBD, you can count on getting the best prices. We believe that making CBD  a part of your lifestyle should not be synonymous with spending all your money. That's why we provide you with affordable, premium-quality CBD products. You will find a vast array of products at our store, and we're constantly expanding our collection. We don't just provide you with the best prices, but also some incredible deals. For example, you can get a tincture with 1000mg of CBD when you use the code 'AndHemp.' There are many more discount codes available at our store, and they're available for everyone. Browse through and check them out.

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