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CBDfx Hemp Face Masks Review

July 19, 2020

CBDFx Hemp Face Masks

The use of face masks is thought to date back to the 18th century. Over the years, different types of face masks have been created. However, their underlying purpose remains the same - to cleanse and smoothen the facial skin. Face masks hydrate your skin, remove excess oils, and eliminates toxins and other impurities from deep within your pores. CBD face masks serve the same purpose as other face masks. However, they come with hemp extract to give you healthy, glowing skin.

If you are looking to try a CBD face mask, we recommend something from CBDfx. This California-based company has proven that it is a reliable source of high-quality CBD products. CBDfx controls every aspect of its products from seed-to-bottle. The company makes its products using organic hemp plants grown in the U.S. All CBDfx products are made with safe, non-GMO ingredients.

CBDfx face masks are made with a blend of different natural extracts that will bring your skin back to its glowing best. Each face mask contains 50mg of broad-spectrum CBD. CBDfx recommends putting on these face masks for at least ten minutes before taking them off. During that time, the oils and other components of the face mask will seep into your skin and start working. The company does not recommend washing your face immediately you take off the face mask as the oils continue to work on your skin. With that said, let's take a look at the different CBDfx face masks that you will find at our store.


 1. CBDfx Aloe Vera Hemp Face Mask: Aloe vera is known to have healing and restorative properties that are beneficial to the skin. This face mask will replenish and nourish your skin, leaving your face soft and glowing.


 2. CBDfx Rose Hemp Face Mask: Did you know that rose is a great source of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and oils. It is actually recommended for dry skin. CBDfx Rose Hemp Face Mask allows you to benefit from the healing properties of rose and CBD. The rose fragrance in this face mask allows you to enjoy a little aromatherapy during your facial treatment.


 3. CBDfx Lavender Hemp Face Mask: Lavender is a classic oil for aromatherapy treatments. However, did you know that lavender also has benefits for the skin? It can help to reduce acne and wrinkles. It also lightens the skin. This CBDfx face mask with lavender will delight all your senses and leave your skin at its best.


4. CBDfx Cucumber Hemp Face Mask: Cucumber has numerous benefits for the skin, including promoting hydration, signs of aging, soothes irritation, swelling, puffiness, and more. CBDfx Cucumber Hemp Face Mask is a great solution if your skin is feeling dull, dry, or puffy.


 5. CBDfx Charcoal Hemp Face Mask: If you don't know about the health benefits of charcoal for the skin, then you've been missing out big time. Charcoal is great for deep cleansing and removing impurities from the skin. Therefore, CBDfx Charcoal Hemp Face Mask is recommended for those times when you want to give your skin thorough cleansing.

You can get these CBDfx Hemp Face Masks at our store for $6.99 each. We have face masks from other brands too.

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